Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Louis and Angelina changed schools in Vilcabamba

The new school is called "la 13 de Abril". We moved the kids to this school because we heard that they are more used to foreigners here. The directora and staff are super nice. The directora showed us the brand new printer and all the computers that were given as gifts by Americans. The Ecuadorian government does not provide any computers or printers. The school also had to go door to door in Vilcabamba to raise money for the new flooring in the computer room.
The usual morning exercises.
 Louis's classroom
Angelina's classroom
this other American boy is coming from Texas, he'll be 10 in July and he's taller than Louis. He arrived a week before Louis and they are in the same class.

 today it's Angelina's turn to fill the classroom water bottle

 Louis and Angelina love to wear their school uniforms
Soccer, as always...
even though Louis and Angelina are just "oientes" (auditors), they have the same work books as everybody else 


 Angelina has a ton of little friends already

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